Pediatric Therapy 

Multi-disciplinary pediatric therapy services to help your child reach developmental milestones and their full potential

Our commitment is to partnering with you in caring for one of the most important individuals in your life, your child.

We provide physical, occupational, speech-language, applied behavior analysis and other therapy programs to help children through 21 years of age in reaching their full potential. Our programs are designed to meet a wide range of developmental needs and include newborn services.

Our therapy services are kid-friendly yet motivational and encouraging.

We’ll develop a plan of care that’s right for your child and their unique needs. Throughout your child’s treatment, our expert therapy team will share each step of your child’s progress with you. We do this for the proven positive effects that are created when families are involved in a child’s therapy. Your involvement is vital to the success of their therapy.

Our approach to care

As specialists in pediatric care, we know the stress of finding the right treatment for your child. What you’re experiencing with your child can be difficult, physically and emotionally.

We want you to know that you’re not alone.

Our advanced pediatric therapies are provided in a safe, compassionate environment. We look to be your partner in caring for your child and helping them learn and grow.

Conditions we treat

We treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Delays in development (motor, social, speech or sensory skills)
  • Neuromuscular disease and disorder (muscle weakness, nerve damage, seizures, ADHD)
  • Orthopedic issues (bone, joint or muscular irregularity, acquired before or after birth)

Our goal is to enhance your child's participation in a fuller life – family, community and school activities. We do this with expert understanding of how to shape their treatment based on key factors of age, current developmental status, their future growth and long-term goals.

Our services

What to expect with pediatric therapy

You can be assured in knowing that treatment is tailored to your child’s needs.

Our program offers specialized pediatric equipment as well as familiar, homelike settings designed to engage, motivate and encourage your child in therapy.

Therapy methods are typically given in one-on-one sessions, using play-based activities to gain insight into how a child moves, thinks and expresses themselves. Small group therapy also can be helpful for some children to build social skills and communication.

Whether you child is young or into their adolescent years or beyond, our team is here for you, your family and your goals.

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