Helping esports athletes maintain their health

Esports athletes react quickly to what they see and hear on TV and computer screens. No wonder global esports revenue tops $1 billion annually. Unfortunately, like basketball or baseball players, esports athletes experience injuries after overusing certain muscles and joints from playing games for up to eight hours a day or more.

Esports athletes commonly experience upper body injuries. Our expert team works with gamers to treat injuries and educates them to prevent future injuries. The team consists of physical therapists, athletic trainers, occupational and certified hand therapists. 

Injuries we treat

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We see esports athletes with a variety of injuries, including:

  • Lateral epicondylitis (“tennis elbow”): Inflammation of the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow
  • Medial epicondylitis (“golfer’s elbow”): Inflammation of the tendons that attach forearm muscles to the inside of a bone near the elbow
  • Posture-related injuries: Ranging from shoulder injuries, such as rounded shoulders, to a variety of tension injuries in the back and Neck
  • Thumb and finger tendon injuries: Difficulty bending your fingers or thumb, resulting in pain and/or numbness

Treatment begins with an evaluation by a member of our clinical team. We have a detailed conversation with you and discuss your injury history. We then analyze your symptoms and determine if an injury is present. Based on the outcome, we will develop and individualized treatment plan that may include teaching you exercises that strengthen your upper extremity muscles and improve flexibility. This helps alleviate any pain you may be experiencing and prevent future injuries. The treatment plan may also incorporate techniques to improve flood flow and decrease inflammation, such as:

  • Electrical muscle stimulation:  Electrodes are placed over the skin near your injury and an electrical impulse is sent to your muscles causing them to contract.
  • Hot and cold therapy: Applying ice and heat to your affected joints or muscles
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization: A massage technique that uses metal and plastic tools to improve soft tissue mobility in your body to help increase blood flow and allow the injured tissue to heal more quickly

Preventing injuries and improving health

We’re not just interested in treating injuries. We also want to help you prevent injuries and prolong your career by improving your overall health. Our expert team offers preventative appointments in which provide tips to improve the way you use your gaming equipment (such as the height of your screens and the quality of your chair) and healthy eating, which can be difficult when you’re busy playing games throughout the day or night.

We also evaluate your posture and teach you exercises and techniques to improve flexibility and strengthen upper body muscles that you use regularly.

Receive Care for Your Esports-Related Injury