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Our customer service team at RUSH Physical Therapy and RUSH Kids Pediatric Therapy is available to assist you with questions you may have regarding your patient statement/billing. We offer convenient ways to contact us regarding your account and offer a frequently asked questions section that may answer your questions. You may contact us via telephone, or use our online Billing Inquiries form.

If you would like to pay your bill online, please use the dropdown box on the right to choose the state or district in which you received treatment so we may direct you to the appropriate customer service team.

Insurance billing

As a courtesy, your claims will be submitted to any medical insurance plan for which you provide information and in which you are currently enrolled. You will be billed for any balances considered to be the responsibility of the member after the insurance company has processed your claim. Copays, however, are due at the time of service and will be collected by the front office staff when appropriate. As an additional courtesy, your insurance coverage and benefits will be verified prior to your first visit, when possible. However, this verification is not a guarantee of payment since RUSH Physical Therapy is simply calling on your behalf to obtain information. We cannot be held liable for any errors or misinformation of quoted insurance coverage or benefits. We strongly urge each patient to contact member relations for his/her insurance plan to also verify coverage, benefits and benefit limitations.

Methods of payment

  • Mail: You may submit your payment via check, money order or credit card. Credit and debit cards are accepted with the MasterCard, Visa or Discover logo. Return the top portion of your patient statement along with your payment method to the address provided on the patient statement.

    If you are mailing payments, please use the central billing office:

    Select Medical
    Attn: Central Billing Office
    400 Technology Drive
    Suite 240
    Canonsburg, PA 15317
    [email protected]

  • "Pay Bill Online" link: Credit and debit cards are accepted with the MasterCard, Visa or Discover logo. Your card must contain the three digit CVV security code number on the back in order to use this service.
  • Telephone: You may contact our customer service department during operating business hours to pay your bill with a customer service representative. Credit and debit cards are accepted with the MasterCard, Visa or Discover logo.

Medical records

Medical records can be obtained by contacting the front office staff at the clinic where treatment was rendered.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How are my charges determined?
A: The charges are determined based upon the services provided to you by your treating therapist.

Q: Why do the charges sometimes vary from other dates of service?
A: The charges are determined based upon the services provided to you by your treating therapist on each date of service. If the therapist adds, changes, or removes any services on a given date, your charges for that date may change. For most insurance plans, we are required to bill according to national uniform medical billing codes (CPT codes), which is standard practice for medical claims for most medical providers and hospitals.

Q: Why do I not see a specific payment reflected on my statement?
A. Payments are posted to each date of service that has an open balance. If your payment was more than the balance on one claim line, the maximum amount that can be posted to that claim line is the current balance. Any remaining amount from your payment will be posted to subsequent claim lines. For example, if you paid $100.00, your payment could show as five (5) $20.00 payments for five different dates of service instead of one $100.00 payment.

Q: Why am I being billed for Dates of Service I paid for last month?
A. Payments received are applied to claims that have open patient balances from the oldest date of service to the newest date of service. Insurance carriers sometimes process the dates of service out of order. Therefore timing differences can cause more recent dates of service to be paid before older dates.

Q: Why am I getting a bill before the insurance has processed all dates of service?
A: Patient statements are generated monthly. Any account that has a current balance sitting as patient responsibility will have a statement generated. Monthly statements will continue as claims are processed by the insurance and additional amounts become the responsibility of the patient. Once all claims are processed by the insurance and all patient responsibility has been satisfied, monthly statements will no longer be generated.

HIPAA Privacy Act

In accordance with Federal Law, our office is required to follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which covers medical records AND billing information. In order to release any such patient information (for patients over 18 at time of service) to another party such as a relative, significant other, friend, etc., the patient must give authorization for our office to release information to that party. More information on HIPAA can be obtained by contacting the customer service department.